NEW  APRIL  22   2019                                        Cursed Gravestone                                                                           CASE OPEN

CASE   01                                                      HAUNTED   BLUE  GHOST   TUNNEL                                                     Case Closed

CASE  02                                                       HAUNTED   SCREAMING   TUNNEL                                                      Case  Closed

CASE  03                                                           HAUNTED   FORT  MISSISSAUGA                                                   Cased  Closed

CASE  04                                           HAUNTED   TORONTO  ISLAND   LIGHT HOUSE                                               Case  Open

CASE  05                                       HAUNTED   BLEEDING   GRAVES   OF   WHITE CHAPEL                                      Case  Open

CASE  06                                                               HAUNTED   THE   DOLLHOUSE                                                     Case  Closed

CASE  07                                                HAUNTED   DRUMMOND  HILL   GRAVEYARD                                              Case  Open

 CASE  08                                         HAUNTED   DEFOREST  PIONEER  GRAVEYARD                                             Case  Closed

CASE  09                                                    HAUNTED   CENTURYMANOR   ASYLUM                                               Case  Closed

 CASE  10                                                       HAUNTED   MOVING   STATUE                                                             Case  Closed

CASE  11                                                 BESSIE   STARKMAN   ORGANIZED   CRIME                                             Case  Closed

CASE  12                                                     HAUNTED   NEGRO  BURIAL  GROUND                                                     Case  Open

CASE  13                                                            HAUNTED   OLD  MUD  HOUSE                                                         Case Closed

CASE  14                                                 HAUNTED   DANIEL  SHAVER  HOUSE                                                       Case  Closed

CASE  15                                                                HAUNTED   CENTRE  MALL                                                          Case  Closed

CASE  16                                                         HAUNTED  BROCKS   GRAVEYARD                                                      Case Closed

 CASE  17                                                                    HAUNTED  EDWARDS                                                               Case  Closed

CASE  18                                                       HAUNTED  BOOK   ROAD   HOUSE                                                        Case  Closed

CASE  19                                                              HAUNTED   HILLSIDE   HOUSE                                                       Case  Closed

CASE  20                                                         HAUNTED   SALEM    GRAVEYARD                                                     Case  Closed

 CASE  21                                                              DEVILS PUNCH BOWL                                                                    Case  Closed

 CASE  22                                                       HAUNTED     BLACK     DONNELLYS                                                        Case Open

 CASE  23                                               ABANDONED  MENTAL  HOSPITAL                                                              Case Closed

CASE  24                                                               HAUNTED DOM HALL                                                                     Case  Closed

 CASE  25                                                                 Haunted   Fort   Erie                                                                        Case  Open

CASE  26                                                                             Listowel   Ripper                                                                   Case  Open

 CASE  27                                                                        Haunted   Holy  Trinity                                                           Case  Closed

 CASE   28                                                                     WITCH  HUNT GRAVEYARD                                                   Case  Closed

CASE  29                                                              HAUNTED   MAGNETIC  HILL                                                         Case  Closed

CASE  30                                                              HAUNTED   KATIE'S  HOME                                                            Case  Closed

CASE  31                                                              HAUNTED GRIFFIN HOUSE                                                             Case  Closed

CASE  32                                                              HAUNTED BUTLERS BURIAL                                                          Case  Closed

CASE  33                                                     HAUNTED WHITEHERN MANSION                                                         Case  Closed

CASE  34                                                                    HAUNTED BURN HOUSE                                                           Case  Closed

 CASE  35                                                            HAUNTED PALETTA  MANSION                                                      Case  Closed

CASE  36                                                            HAUNTED HOPKINS TOMB                                                              Case  Closed